Company Background:

 McKELLIPS ASSOCIATES, INC. is an association of design professionals providing services in the fields of architecture, planning, and interior design as well as the related disciplines of programming, cost analysis, and construction administration.

Our office is located in the Historic Seagle Building in Downtown Gainesville. Our current staff includes Rolland A. McKellips, Architect and Designer Aaron D. Sikora. Additional drafting and production staff are available on an as-needed basis.

We have furnished design and related technical services in connection with projects including historic preservation/adaptive reuse, renovation, institutional, residential, educational, and commercial facilities totaling over two hundred million dollars in construction value. 

We have provided services on a variety of projects for Public and Governmental Agencies:
* United States Navy
* State of Florida Board of Regents, University of Florida
* State of Florida Department of Corrections
* State of Florida Department of General Services
* Alachua County Commission
* School Board of Alachua County
* Alachua County Library District
* Levy County School Board
* St. Johns County School Board
* School Board of Palm Beach County (consultancy)
* Florida Athletic Association
* City of Gainesville
* City of Cocoa
* Columbia County Historical Society
* City of Williston
* City of Ocala / Central Florida Regional Library District
* St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners
* NASA, Kennedy Space Center (consultancy)


The firm dates back to 1974 as Architectural Design Associates. Throughout itís existence, R.A. McKellips has been actively involved in all parts of the Architectural design, Production and Construction Administration process of all the projects commissioned to the firm.

2006-Date: McKellips Associates, Inc. Architecture
1988-2005: Hunter‑McKellips Associates, Architects, Inc.
1980-1988:  R. A. McKellips Associates, Architects, Inc.
1977-1980:   McKellips and Tuckerman, Architectural Design Associates, Inc.
1974-1977: Architectural Design Associates, (R.A. McKellips, J.V. Burnette & M.R. Tuckerman Principals)


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McKellips Associates, Inc. is a  firm that has played a key role in the architectural design and development of North and Central Florida for the past 37 years. Located on the second floor of the historic Seagle Building in Gainesville, Florida, McKellips Associates, Inc. has constructed projects across the United States, and abroad. McKellips Associates, Inc. will continue to carry on with the same commitment to creativity and intensity into the 21st century. Rolland A. McKellips, AIA as an architect, has a strong commitment to Family, Community and architectural services.